9 Exclusive Products at Whole Foods 365


It’s an exciting time to be alive in Los Angeles. The world’s first 365 by Whole Foods ™ Grocery Store has opened in Silverlake and bearded gay couples and yoga moms from all over the Southland are flocking there for their exclusive products. Here’s a few I found on my first visit.


1. Potato – A 365 exclusive available in a variety of sizes and colors. I’m told you can make lots of different dishes from this vegetable!


2. Grapefruit – I’m not sure why 365 decided on the name “Grapefruit.” It’s super-tasty but it doesn’t taste anything at all like grapes.


3. Sandwich Cremes – These are similar to the Oreo brand cookies, but much more 365 tasting.


4. Cola – 365’s exclusive soda flavor. Goes great with organic pizza and vegan burgers!


5. Ketchup – A perfect condiment that goes great on top of 365 burgers with 365 buns. Similar to Catsup.


6. Butter – This food product is made from milk! It can be used as a spread or as an additive to different dishes! The product developers at 365 are so innovative!


7. Water – 365 has so many different container options, it’ll make your head spin!


8. Snack Crackers – Crackers made just for snacking! You can eat them plain or add different toppings.


9. Saltines – In case Snack Crackers are too flavorful, 365 offers these salted, square shaped confections. Totally kosher.



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