A House Call


When planning this page, I knew I wanted this home’s interior to feel like a time capsule. Bakersfield, Earth takes place in 1991 (have I even mentioned that? Did you notice?), but this home belongs to a ghost. It’s been years since Guy Bowman was well enough to clean or decorate and the objects in his living room are meant to reflect that. I like the small details that Patrick included in his drawing: the ceramic lamp that looks like it came from the set of Golden Girls; the dated medical equipment; the leftover religious iconography.

One of the main reasons I took longer to post this page was because I wanted to complete a color version to show you. Choosing the carpet color was one of my easiest decisions. It’s mean to resemble to green shag carpet that was in my house growing up. I’m pretty happy with the limited color palette that I chose on the fly, but I think, going forward, I’m going to need to be more disciplined when it comes to using color. My favorite comic artists and colorists use minimal color palettes much like a cinematographer and art director would in a period film.

I’m also struggling to portray light and how it plays out on objects. As an experiment, I decided to add a layer of black and then reduce its opacity to 50%. Then I removed the black layer from the kitchen since that was the most logical source for natural light in a seemingly window-less room. I know it seems minor, but I’m particularly proud of the shadow cast from the cardboard box in the lower third section near Toby’s feet. I played with it’s position and the way which the light diffuses the further away it is from the box. I probably spent an hour experimenting with the light’s trajectory and angle. It was crazy how just the slightest change would alter the shadow’s believability. It’s when I tinker with things like this that I begin to understand the awesome abilities of professional colorists who have to make decisions like color palette and shadow with lightening speed. Hopefully, through practice, I can begin to improve my technique and I won’t take so long turning around a color page.


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