We do it all the time. You probably did it today. Multiple times.

You clicked a video link on Facebook or YouTube, expecting to be informed or entertained or both and, instead, you’re subjected to a video that looks like it was edited by a hamster.

These days, our lives are saturated with online video content. So why is most of it so terrible?

It seems we’ll click on anything as long as it promises to make us feel something. But there’s no question that well crafted online video helps viewers keep watching and amplifies the emotional punch of a message, making it truly unforgettable.

Since graduating UCLA’s MFA Filmmaking program in 2004, I’ve created video for myself and a variety of clients such as The Academy Awards, CBS and HBO. My work has been included in festivals worldwide including Palm Springs International, Frameline, Ann Arbor and, on eight different occasions, LA’s Oufest. In the last few months, I’ve edited original content for a gamer collective, curated 21 hours of video content for a new Seattle bar and produced, wrote, directed and edited an original 30 sec. promo for a film festival.

So take a look at my work and let me know if you need help creating memorable content. I promise I’m a better editor than your pet hamster.

Davidquantic at gmail dot com