Downtown Bakersfield


Art by Patrick Horvath

Week 6 – Downtown Bakersfield

If you ever visit Bakersfield, you can’t miss seeing the famed Bakersfield Arch! Built in 1949, the original arch was a pedestrian walkway that connected the old and new parts of the famed Bakersfield Inn after it decided to expand. Most cities on US 99 had an arched sign spanning the highway, to welcome drivers to the towns and cities they were entering.  It’s shown here as it existed in 1991 – the year that Bakersfield, Earth takes place and the Bakersfield Inn has closed and fallen into disrepair like so many other relics of the golden age of automobile travel.

By the late 90s the sign was demolished and only the blue porcelain letters were preserved and included in a replica that was built and installed in the current location near the Buck Owens Crystal Palace – one of the biggest tourist attractions in Bakersfield.

This week’s page is also notable as it is the introduction of our lead character. But you’ll learn more about him later. I don’t wanna spoil the whole thing!

Below is the photomontage that I made for Patrick. I made it by compositing a historic photo of the sign after it was installed and a Google Earth photo of the same intersection today that still hosts some of the original buildings.


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