Driving – Pt.2


I know I haven’t been very verbose in the last few weeks. Long story short, I changed jobs and cities and I was just barely able to keep pace with our one page per week goal. But now that I’m settled into my new (temporary) place and things are a little less hectic, I have started to push myself to learn more about coloring. Needless to say, coloring comics is a lot more complex than it looks and one YouTube tutorial is not going to make me an expert anytime soon. But in the spirit of this work-in-progress blog, I¬†thought I might show y’all my attempts as we continue to produce our pages. To be honest, knowing that I’m going to post these coloring attempts makes me work harder on improving my skills.

I attempted coloring the top panel of this week’s page. I quickly realized that this kind of wide, landscape composition was more challenging than, say, a single portrait of a character. My first job was to create the “flats” for the panel. Basically, this means coloring inside the lines of each section just as a child might color a coloring book. The tips I learned from K. Michael Russell’s YouTube Tutorial¬†were really helpful and I colored it in half the time I normally would. Thanks, Mr. Russell!

But when it came to begin adding shading and light source details, I got a little lost in the weeds. This landscape is supposed to be late in the afternoon and I knew I wanted a “sundown” look. I think, with a little more time, I could’ve done a better job, but the time came for me to post this week’s page and create the layout for next week’s page. So I will post this week’s color below and hope that next week’s attempt will be a little easier. Hopefully, over time, I will get better and I will be able to color all of our pages for our next issue. Or maybe I will be able to raise enough money through a kickstarter to pay a real artist to do the coloring.

I would also like to thank Patrick for adding greys and shading to each week’s page. It’s because of this added step that the pages so far have looked so much better than just the simple line art.



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