FaZe Full Throttle – Episode 1: Hot Laps

A few months ago, I was asked to edit a reality series for FaZe Clan, a gamer collective in Los Angeles.

What’s that you say? What the heck is a gamer collective?

I didn’t know either when I first got the job, so I did little research online and it turns out there are a whole lot of video game fans who are as rabid as any professional sports team’s. And popular gamers can make a living through tournament prizes, product endorsements and YouTube channels. Sometimes they’ll combine their collective popularity and form groups like FaZe Clan, often living together in group homes.

I’ll admit, I did a lot of eye-rolling when I found out these kids make millions of dollars a year. And the videos they make for their fans often just document their conspicuous consumption of luxury items; cars being the main obsession. But once I started digging through the footage for the reality series, I quickly realized that the FaZe Clan team members are smart, charming and, thankfully, legit funny. In addition to good group chemistry, each of the guys also has a unique personality that any reality show would make sure to exploit: the know-it-all, the sweetheart, the joker and so on. This made cutting the series easier and a LOT more fun.

In the next few days, FaZe will be releasing the series I edited, FaZe Full Throttle, which follows the group as they learn stunt and speed driving skills. Each day I’ll post brief descriptions of the videos and I’ll provide a little behind the scenes info about the different challenges I faced editing them.

This first episode is definitely my favorite, mostly because it does a good job introducing the group’s dynamics and the unique personalities. And it even features a moment of dramatic tension when (spoiler alert) one of the drivers crashes his car. DRAMA.

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