FaZe Full Throttle – Episode 4: Drifting

One of the pleasures of editing this series was watching the gamers realize that professional stunt driving is a lot harder than it looks. It’s not just a matter of pressing the right buttons at the right time. It requires split second decision making as your body is being thrown around by powerful g-forces and the real world spins around outside.

Each FaZe member approved the final edits of these Full Throttle segments and, to their credit, they didn’t shy away from being shown as bad drivers. Apex’s segment in this drifting episode is particularly brutal. I felt a little guilty cutting together all of his failed drifts, but his expressions were priceless. He just couldn’t seem to master it. Reading the video’s YouTube comments, it seems most fans admire members who try their hardest and fail, like Apex, and they resent anyone who appears arrogant or over-confident like Blaze. Honestly, I’m kind of shocked by the amount of vitriol focused on Blaze, but I probably shouldn’t spend too much time analyzing YouTube comments. (However, I do get a little jolt of satisfaction every time I read a comment that compliments the editing. Hey, I’m only human!)

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