FaZe Full Throttle – Episode 5: Fastest Lap

Well, here we are. The last episode of FaZe Full Throttle. Unfortunately, this episode is, in my opinion, the least interesting of the five. In addition to the needless competition, I think this episode suffers because we see so little interaction between the members, the exception being the end when Adapt signs off. In earlier cuts, I edited out his hissy fit. I was never quite sure why he was upset and it seemed weird that he would be mad given the fact that he “won.” But I was outvoted.

But working on this series has been an amazing experience. In addition to my work being seen by a lot of people (over a million views collectively – and the series hasn’t even been up for a week!), I also really enjoyed working with the director, Robb Dipple. Robb got amazing footage and great on the fly interviews and he also gave me complete creative freedom for the first pass of each episode. And his notes made each episode so much better. Thanks to Robb and Hilton Media for giving me the opportunity. Hopefully we’ll collaborate more in the future!

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