Flashback, Pt.3


I deactivated Facebook a few months ago because I couldn’t take the daily hostilities stirred up by Trump who I thought was a temporary stop on the choo-choo train to Hillarytown. Now, a week after the election, I’ve decided to log back on to Facebook and, as expected, the hysteria triggered by Trump’s victory has already reached a fever pitch. Many of us are asking ourselves how we can continue to fight this demagogue we thought was going to be thrown out with the trash after November 8.

It just so happens that, tomorrow, I will be returning to the heart of Trumpland for almost two weeks. First, I’m headed to Austin to attend a gay wedding and, after that, I’ll spend Thanksgiving with my family in Kansas.  The grooms have the usual gift registry you might expect from any wedding: fine china, silverware, towels; but they also offered a link to The Trevor Project and suggested donating money to the charity in place of a physical gift. In case you didn’t know, The Trevor Project provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) young people ages 13-24.

So I decided to give and take care of the wedding gift and, at the same time, provide funding to a worthy organization that supports a group of people who, thanks to Trump and his posse, will most likely have a target on their back from both our new Republican leaders as well as average, everyday homophobes.

Please consider giving to non-profit organizations like The Trevor Project that advocate and support the most vulnerable among us. I’ll be doing the same as well as continuing to produce more pages of Bakersfield, Earth which, for now, will serve as my little soapbox.

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