Following Jolie’s Lead, Celebrities Rush to Classrooms

HOLLYWOOD – Earlier this week, The London School of Economics announced that Angelina Jolie will serve as a guest lecturer this fall at their Center for Women, Peace and Security. Predictably, celebrities and personalities of all kinds have begun rushing to book teaching gigs at a variety of institutions world wide in an effort jump on the higher education respectability bandwagon. Here’s just a few of the offerings that will be soon be available to students.

  • Jennifer Aniston will teach a class at UCLA titled “Moving On With Your Life After a Gold-Digging Succubus Steals Your Husband And Movie Career.”
  • Sumner Redstone, President of Viacom, announced he’ll be teaching a class about something  at some college somewhere.
  • NYU announced Clint Eastwood will teach a class co-sponsored by the Departments of Political Science and Industrial Design titled “Political Speech and Commercial Furniture.”
  • Cambridge University will host Madonna’s seminar “Aging Gracefully.” She also insisted we mention that Cambridge is “way more prestigious than the London School of Economics.”
  • Montell Jordan will teach a class titled “This Is How We Do It: Becoming a One Hit Wonder” at the Old School of Hip Hop.
  • Heart-throb Tab Hunter will teach a class on Human Sexuality at Rydell High School.
  • The Learning Annex has announced a new seminar led by Jeb! Bush titled, “How to Piss Away $130 Million in just 7 Months.”
  • Michelle Pfeiffer will help change the lives of at-risk, inner-city kids by wearing a leather jacket and teaching them karate.
  • Trump University will host George Zimmerman and Martin Shkreli’s class “Bad Publicity Is Good Publicity: How to Make the World Hate You In 3 Easy Steps.”
  • Dr. Strange will return to his alma mater, Columbia’s School of Medicine, to teach “The Powers of the Principalities.”


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