Introducing Judy


Judy Speaks!

Whoa. What’s this? A new character? Dialog? Suddenly this comic is looking like … a comic! Perhaps when I get closer to publishing a hard copy of Issue 2 later this year, I will rethink my strategy of starting this section of the book with so few words, but, for now, I kinda like the slow burn of our intro so far. But enough artsy-fartsy stuff. I wanna get down to telling a story and here is where our story begins: in a makeshift classroom in a suburban Bakersfield garage. Bruce Wayne’s Batcave this is not.

You may have noticed we skipped an entry a few weeks ago. At the time, Patrick and I were experimenting with our new character’s design. The woman standing before us now is Judy. Some of you may remember her from the first issue. Needless to say, she has gone through some changes since we last saw her. Below are some examples of her evolution.

Here’s Judy in her previous incarnation. This is from Issue 1 which takes place in 1973. At the time, Judy was a sexually confused truck driver.

Judy1 Judy2

Our current storyline takes place in 1991 and Judy has gone through a few changes. Even though it’s the Nineties, Judy’s style is still stuck in the 80s when she was “all in” in the power suit department. When we get to the color stage, I think her clothes will favor bold, bright colors with a minimum of pattern detail. Here’s Patrick’s first pass:


I thought she should have a little bit more softness to her facial features and a little more femininity with regards to her hair so I told Patrick to throw in a dash of Linda Evans from Dynasty.








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