A major player in Seattle’s growing bio-tech industry, NanoString is an industry innovator in personalized gene therapy for cancer patients. Creating this introductory video for the company was one of the most technically challenging jobs I’ve done, mostly because the scientific community has very high standards and is government regulated when it comes to describing scientific methods and capabilities.

Before turning on a video camera, I made sure to get a detailed script from the communications department which was vetted by their legal department. Before filming started, I had Dr. Cesano read the script word for word so that I would have it as a voice over for the animated section and back up in case I needed to replace interview dialog later. We then went through Dr. Cesano’s on-camera sections sentence by sentence so I could piece it together later.

In the end, we used three camera angles: a wide frontal, a close up frontal and a side view. I shot with a 4K camera on the frontal shot and the close up is simply a cropped version of the wide. Having this close up as an option was invaluable and allowed us to minimize the profile angle which was shot with a 2K camera. I outsourced the animation of the decision tree. The music was sourced through the Jingle Punks music library.

In the end, while it’s not the most exciting video I’ve ever made, I’m still happy with how it turned out and evidently the client was too. I’ll be shooting a video with them soon featuring another one of their lead scientists.

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