NanoString – Promotional Video

A major player in Seattle’s growing bio-tech industry, NanoString is an industry innovator in personalized gene therapy for cancer patients. This introduction to their 360 Panel is the second project I’ve completed for them. (You can see the first one I did HERE.)

Creating NanoString’s videos are some of the most technically challenging jobs I’ve done, mostly because the scientific community has very high standards and is government regulated when it comes to describing scientific methods and capabilities.

Before turning on a video camera, I make sure to get a detailed script which also has to be vetted by their legal department. Before filming on-screen delivery, I record the physicians reading the script word for word so that I can have it as a voice over for the animated sections and backup in case I needed to replace interview dialog later. For this video, I also brought along a teleprompter for Sean to read during his on-camera appearances. This doesn’t make for the most natural-seeming delivery, but, again, it’s helpful when it comes to the scientific descriptions that we are not able to deviate from.

I used three different camera angles: a wide frontal, a close up frontal and a side view that was on a mini-slider. This provided me with a variety of shots and angles to cut with later. I’m also proud to say that I did all the animated graphics myself.

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