Harrison Ford To Star In Sequels For His Entire Filmography

Harrison_Fords_Jules_Verne_Award_(cropped)HOLLYWOOD – Following the success of last year’s The Phantom Menace and recent announcements for sequels to Indiana Jones and Blade Runner, writers and producers all over town are rushing to pitch sequels, prequels and remakes for the remaining titles in Harrison Ford’s vast filmography stretching back 50 years.


When asked about his career’s recent resurgence at age 74, Ford quipped, “Hey, when the griddle is hot, you gotta make pancakes.”


The latest list of projects green-lit this week include a Witness reboot and the next Jack Ryan movie, replacing Chris Pine. Even the 2013 flop Ender’s Game is being reimagined for Ford. “We want him to play Ender this time,” says an inside source at Lionsgate. When asked how a septuagenarian is going to play a teenage protagonist, the producer said, “That’s what writers, stunt doubles and special effects are for. There’s a very good chance Ford won’t ever have to walk on a film set. We can just use his voice and likeness which will free up his schedule for other projects.”


MGM even announced a reimagining of the obscure Jack Lemmon vehicle Luv from 1967 in which Ford, 22 at the time and a complete unknown, played the role of Irate Motorist. “No title is too small as far as I’m concerned,” says Lester Dingham, producer, “If Harrison was in it, we’re going to remake it.”


“I couldn’t get a meeting until I pitched Working Girl 2,” said writer Patrick Wharton. When asked what the plot would be, Wharton replied “I don’t know yet. I literally just walked in the room, said ‘Working Girl 2’ and they bought it on the spot.” When a producer was asked if Melanie Griffith or Sigorney Weaver were on board for the sequel, she said “Are you joking? They’re too old.”


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