I created, directed and edited this series of short promos for Seattle’s Three Dollar Bill Cinema in the beginning of 2017.

These “ShoutOuts” promote 3DBC’s year-round programming by featuring interviews with members of Seattle’s vibrant queer film community. The first episode, shown here, premiered during 3DBC’s Oscar Viewing Party in February. Other episodes were shown at an annual auction, the Translation film festival and the TWIST film festival.

Filming took place over three days in late Janurary of 2017. Before the shoot, I helped develop a series of questions with 3DBC’s staff that covered a variety of topics both about 3DBC’s programming as well as general questions about queer movies and how gay people are portrayed in media. As a result, we had a diverse selection of soundbites with which to craft a variety of different segments. We originally thought that we would shoot the interviews in a more neutral studio space, but I proposed shooting in their offices and using a wall decorated with their festival posters from years past.

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