The Culvert


When I was a bored teenager growing up in Kansas, my friends and I liked to explore odd places to amuse ourselves. One of our favorite destinations was a large culvert in our hometown of Derby, Kansas that just happened to have the best acoustics when it came to making music. We would often take instruments (mandolins were the preferred tool) and record ourselves singing songs. REM’s “You Are The Everything” was one of our favorites. Below is a picture I took one night of the whole gang: Eric, Carter, Chris, Josh and Dave.

This week’s panel is a tribute to my friends Carter and Dave who have since passed away. Whenever I question why I continue to make art in spite of the considerable odds of “success” (whatever that means), I think of my friends who are no longer here and will never have the chance to share their talents with the world and that always helps me to continue to keep forging ahead.


Baker_2_BE_011_MockUp_Culvert (1)

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