The Donald’s Ten Terrific Ideas for The Hispanics

The Donald’s Ten Terrific Ideas for The Hispanics

  1. Make Taco Bowl Tuesday mandatory for all Trump employees.
  2. Visit a Hispanic child’s birthday party. Replace Trump piñata with Hillary piñata.
  3. Announce new $100 bill featuring me wearing a Sombrero.
  4. Bang Jennifer Lopez.
  5. Allow Mexicans to decorate The Wall with tasteful murals featuring my face.
  6. Build maximum security prison for El Chapo.
  7. Break El Chapo out of maximum security prison.
  8. Provide free Trump water to all detention centers.
  9. Adopt an adorable chihuahua for Melania. Name him Ricky Martin.
  10. Learn how to say “Vote for me and I won’t deport you,” in Spanish.


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