Windy Pines Trailer Park


Art by Patrick Horvath

Week 5 – Windy Pines Trailer Park

This week we introduce a new location: Windy Pines Trailer Park.  Windy Pines is mentioned in our first issue, Bakersfield, Earth: Evolution when Mabel describes growing up here with Judy.

We won’t be coming back here until near the end of our story, but this location plays a pivotal role in the climax.

Growing up in Kansas, I had two good friends who lived in trailer parks and I have vivid memories of visiting them. The neighborhood where I lived seemed like it never changed and I liked the idea that with a trailer home, you could literally take everything you own and move it someplace else whenever you wanted to. Like the P-Nut grill, I’m drawn to locations and communities that are in a constant state of change and evolution.

Below is the mock-up I created for Patrick to base his drawing on. I love the elevated angle he chose because it reminds me of the famous cornfield scene in Hitchcock’s North by Northwest.



The introductory shot for the famous Crop Duster scene in Hitchcock’s North by Northwest.

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