Flame Con is this weekend!

Come visit me this weekend (Aug. 20-21) at Flame Con, NYC’s queer comic convention! Brooklyn Bridge Marriott, 333 Adams St. Brooklyn, 11201. Sat. 12p-8p; Sun. 11a-5p. Table 90. I’ll have Corporeals merch, fun “free bees” and, of course, our First Rainbow Corporeals book and issue 1 of Bakersfield, Earth. More info at www.flamecon.org & www.davidquantic.com.

Introducing Judy

Judy Speaks! Whoa. What’s this? A new character? Dialog? Suddenly this comic is looking like … a comic! Perhaps when I get closer to publishing a hard copy of Issue 2 later this year, I will rethink my strategy of starting this section of the book with so few words, but, for now, I kinda…

Curtain Up!

Okay, we’re almost there! Soon, this will become a real comic where, like, people talk to each other and stuff! Can’t you just taste the antici … pation?

The Cul-de-Sac

This week’s new Bakersfield post is a little late, but for good reason. I was out of town this last weekend attending my parents’ 50th anniversary in my hometown of Derby, Kansas. While there, I had a chance to drive past our old family home that was on a cul-de-sac much like the one featured…